Phase One | IQ160 Product Review

Phase One | IQ160 Product Review



Phase One and Capture Integration @ Salvatore Cincotta Photography

What a day it was. We had the Phase One and Capture Integration team join us here in st louis for a trial run of their Phase One 645DF+, IQ160 digital back – a full frame 60megapixel camera with 12.5 stops of dynamic range and a 150mm lens @ F8.

I have to be honest, I have been shooting Canon for my entire career. the thought of a medium format camera for what I do just seemed unnecessary and impractical. I mean, if I needed it, Canon would have surely created it already, right? 😉

I met the Phase One team in las vegas during WPPI and we hit it off right out of the gate. Wow, I thought, I could actually have a relationship with a camera company where I am not just another shooter. They actually care about my business and want to customize the product for me? Good luck EVER meeting your Canon or Nikon rep.

We had one of our high school senior models, Heather, come in and model for us, she is now a sophomore in college. Obviously, you never want to play and test new gear with paying clients.

This is not a full review at all. I will post one in the future for sure. For now, I just wanted to post some initial thoughts and findings. My concerns going in were simple. Would a medium format camera work for my portrait and wedding business? Would there be a discernible difference in the image quality? One that my clients  would notice? Would it help me stand out even further from the crowd?

YES!!! Wow. There is no way to describe this in words. A picture is the only way to drive this point home.

I have photographed in my studio hundreds and hundreds of times. Same light set up, same backdrop, etc. All using my Canon 1dx. Never, has an image looked like this! NEVER!

Out of camera the first thing you will notice is the depth and clarity of the shot. I feel like I am looking at her in real life. The post production on this minimal. Color, contrast and minor enhancements. No HDR or magical sun flares to enhance this.

I am just blown away. 1) I can’t stop starring at it. and 2) I can’t stop thinking about how this will change my senior and glamor business. The quality of these images and the dynamic range is just ignorant. I have never seen anything like this. I know I keep saying that, but that’s because it’s true.

To see the detail, check out what her eyes look like at 600% zoom. Yes, 600% zoom! The image is still tack sharp. You can see pore detail. You can see the baby hairs on her face. Try that with any 35mm and the image will fall apart. This is a superior image all the way around.

I know what you are thinking, do a side by side comparison Sal. Show us more! I will. That will be next. I was just so excited to share this with you, I wanted to get it out on our blog.

Here is what I took away.

1- This camera must be mine!
2- The service and relationship from Phase One and Capture Integration is second to none.
3- The platform – camera, lenses, post production tools are second to none.
4- This will without a doubt help me differentiate my business from every other photographer out there with a camera. It will be impossible to reproduce an image like this with any 35mm camera.
5- I will be incorporating this into my high school seniors, glamor portraits and weddings ASAP!

more to come…

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