Phase One IQ250 in action

Phase One IQ250 in action

WPPI is always a great conference and one we always ensure we attend. its a great time to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

This year, we decided to add a little portfolio building to the trip and maximize our time in Las Vegas. Grab a few dresses, some props, a rental car, my Phase One IQ250 and it was game time.

I had previously been working with the phase one iIQ260 a 60mp bad ass, but the reality was, it was a great portrait camera, but not practical in the fast paced low light world we live in as wedding photographers. Enter the new Phase One IQ250. At 50mp, this is no slouch. Its low light performance at up to 6400 ISO make it the perfect camera for shooting any type of portrait and working weddings under almost any conditions. The IQ250 sports an incredible 14 stops of dynamic range, wireless capabilities, 6400 ISO, 50mp and is faster than its predecessor.

And of course, no shoot would be complete without a superior light source. This trip we debuted the Profoto B1 off camera strobes. Not sure what these are? Well, welcome to a new world. These bad boys offer an incredible 500 w/s of power and are completely portable and require no additional power source beyond the built in battery pack. In addition, if you are a Canon shooter, they support ETTL and make shooting with them even easier.

All in all, an incredible shoot. We got some amazing images that are perfect for any portfolio and any client.

Special thanks to Dave Gallagher and the Capture Integration Team for offering what is absolute incredible service and support of their equipment. If you are looking to rent, lease, purchase a new medium format camera then this is your team.


For more information on the Phase One IQ250 visit

For more information on the Profoto B1s visit

Shot details

Camera // Phase One IQ250
Lens // Schneider 28mm
Settings // f18 @ 1/100s ISO 200
Light source // Profoto B1

Camera // Phase One IQ250
Lens // Schneider 55mm
Settings // f8 @ 1/640s ISO 100
Light source // Available light

Camera // Phase One IQ250
Lens // Schneider 80mm
Settings // f18 @ 1/100s ISO 100
Light source // Profoto B1

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  1. Brad

    Are these photoshop composites or actually shot on location?

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