Phase One IQ260 heads to Hawaii

Phase One IQ260 heads to Hawaii


I know, I know. It’s December and winter is here and the last thing you want to hear about is my recent trip to Hawaii, but I have to tell you, it was not all fun and games. I had to work. I mean, sure it was 80 degrees and sunny every day, but I mean, I had to carry my camera equipment with me. Doesn’t that count for anything?

Ok, all kidding aside. We are always looking for ways to expand our portfolio. Hell, if at this point you are not tired of hearing me talk about this I am not sure what to do. January is bridal show season and I want to go to our local bridal shows and dominate. I want to have amazing imagery to showcase and what better way to stand out then to work with my wedding clients and do something cool, something different, something for me, and the studio.

Enter Stpehen and Diedra. We shot their wedding back in April and they are also personal friends. So, when we got an offer from Hilton Hotels to spend a week in paradise, we figured we could kill two birds with one stone. Get some amazing bridal portraits AND enjoy a little vacation with friends.

So, what was the plan? Look, you don’t head out on a trip like this without doing some pre-planning. We knew we were going to bring the Phase One IQ260 with us. That was a no brainer, 13 stops of dynamic range and 60 megapixels. Yes, please.

If you have been following us and our adventures here lately, you are surely noticing I am moving further and further away from my Canon 1dx. And the reason is simple. Quality. Phase One, and medium format in general, slap the crap out of 35mm when it comes to quality, depth, range, etc. And if you are thinking none of that matters… you have never shot with a medium format camera. Its that simple. Once you see your images off a medium format camera – your life, your work, your business will forever be transformed.

For the trip to the big island, we want to ensure we headed towards the lava fields and the ocean. Those were on the shot list. Anything else was gravy. In addition, not only were we looking to get something for our portfolio, but we wanted something for our home as well. What’s the point of carrying around all those megapixels if you don’t do something with them?

And I, once again, have to give a major shout out to the crew at Capture Integration. We had an issue with one of our lenses 5 days before we left for our trip. Having a team like this to work with is worth its weight in gold. I returned my lens, they repaired it and got it back to me before I left. That’s what I call service! Oh yeah, and before you start asking how expensive a medium format camera is – just know, they are not as expensive as you think, in a lot of cases, you can get a refurbished like new camera for dam near as much as a 35mm camera. Check out their site for their current promotions.

Enjoy the pictures below. Get out there and get inspired.

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CF001938 CF002026 CF001996
Image details (below) Phase One IQ260 Schneider 80mm lens // f8.0 // 800th of a sec // ISO 200
Image details (below) Phase One IQ260 Schneider 28mm lens // f8.0 // 125th of a sec // ISO 200 CF002234 CF002157
Image details (below) Phase One IQ260 Schneider 150mm lens // f3.5 // 640th of a sec // ISO 200
CF002154 CF002108
Image details (below) Phase One IQ260 Schneider 28mm lens // f9.0 // 160th of a sec // ISO 50 with off camera flash.  CF002103
The images below were shot with available light at ISO 1600. I dont care what anyone says, the Phase One may not be the heavy weight champ at high ISO, but it gets the job done! These are images that are tack sharp and very very usable for large prints. Shot details. Schneider 80mm lens // f2.8 // 1/60th of a sec // ISO 1600