Photography training photoshop retouching

Photography training photoshop retouching


In our industry, some degree of retouching is expected. Subtle retouching can have a very pleasing result for the client (key word being subtle). In October I wrote about retouching stray hairs. In this article, I tackle skin and eye retouching. I’m going to show you how to subtly retouch skin in a way that’s not distracting or unrealistic. I’ll also show you some techniques for retouching eyes and adding a slight pop.

Retouching has been quite the hot topic lately. Recently, Lady Gaga was up in arms over her image on the cover of Glamour. In my opinion, retouching isn’t really the issue—irresponsible over-retouching is.

What exactly is considered over-retouching? In my view, it’s anytime a body or face is manipulated to seem drastically thinner. When skin is so smooth you can’t see its natural texture. When shadows in and around the eyes are completely removed, causing eyes to fall flat instead of looking spherical. When hair

is so badly retouched it looks like a helmet. Editors for years have literally painted a picture of what “perfection” is.

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