Photoshop How To Apply Makeup


Photoshop How To Apply Makeup

Let me begin by saying I’m not a makeup artist (MUA)! But I have studied how artists apply makeup through simple Internet searches. I’ve watched countless videos and studied diagrams by leading makeup companies. This obviously does not qualify me as a MUA. What it has done is given me better insight into when I need to retouch someone’s face.These simple techniques will allow you to be creative on a fresh, makeup-free face, or touch up existing makeup. The areas we’ll touch on can be seen in Diagram 1. We’ll start with the eyebrows and work down the face. For this example, we’ll be creating smoky eyes with rosy cheeks and lips. My model, Lianna, showed up with foundation already applied. I also retouched her skin. (Check out my article on retouching in the December issue.)

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