Photoshop Cinematic Look How To


Photoshop Cinematic Look How To

As artists, we draw inspiration from everything in our lives. I get tons from movies and music videos. Video editors have the ability to add all sorts of color tones to create certain moods. As photographers,
we do the same, but with a difference. We have
the sometimes tough job of conveying moods in a single frame. The advantage of film is it’s constantly moving, and our brains take all that color in stride. So, how do we convey the same type of cinematic color tones in our single images? I’ll show you how
I do it with PhotoShop.

I’m a huge fan of the back story of photographs. I want to be taken somewhere or, better yet, given
the opportunity to interpret images in my own way. Recently I watched Eminem’s new video for “The Monster.” The color tones are primarily blues, with complementary orange. A beautiful combination.
In the video, Eminem is in what seems to be a freight elevator with an accordion-style metal cage.
I wanted to add this to my image, so I created my own shadows on top off my subject. These are the details I enjoy adding to my images to create thought and wonder. Afterward, I apply my color tone to every shadow, midtone and highlight. This creates a consistent look.

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