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I don’t know how you guys do it; week after week, dealing
with people on the most stressful, crazy and intense day of their lives (a.k.a. the wedding day). There’s a reason women turn into monsters on that day; it’s called a psychotic break. Okay, that’s too harsh, but can I please have a round of applause for all those brave, wedding photographers out there? Bravo!

While most of you prefer capturing the biggest moments of your clients’ lives from behind the lens, it’s a cruel world out there and it often involves the dreaded editing process. I know most of you would rather shoot yourselves in the head than sit in a dark office (commonly referred to as the “dungeon” in our household) and spend days on end editing and retouching images.

Well, I’m not most of you. I retouch for a living, and I love my job (and my dungeon)! I’m here to save the day and help you escape said dungeon so you can get back behind the lens making stunning imagery of those beautiful and happy couples!

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