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What’s your style? The answer to this question is fluid for many, but it ought not to be. Defining the look of your images through post-production should be constant, ensuring clients that your consistency will follow through to their own shoot. After five years in the post-production business, I have seen many photographers who have built their businesses around consistency, and still others who have faltered due to lack of consistency. The definition of what your style is should not be a fluid answer. Let the look and feel of your imagery define who you are as a photographer.

With digital we do not have to visualize what kind of look we want for our images before loading film in the camera. With everything starting in color we can take it where we want to go in post-production. While the basic categories of each look are limited, the variations are quite extensive. It is important not to get stuck on these small nuances while defining your look.

With a raw image, any editing program can adjust the white balance or change the contrast. You can also color correct based on the histogram. While personal preferences definitely come into play when deciding whether or not you like your images warmer or cooler or with more or less contrast, the key is to stay consistent. I have seen many portrait sessions and weddings where the photographer edited from warmer tones to cooler tones within the exact same image sequence. When presenting images to your client there will be areas that blatantly stand out due to inconsistent color. Sticking with good clean color is not a bad way to go, and without a doubt it is a timeless look. Adding a few black and white images to the mix and you will have a very solid session.

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