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High school seniors are going to continue to be much more difficult to impress with mediocre photography. Nearly every senior has a smartphone glued to their hand, and with the rise in popularity of apps like Instagram and Pinterest, they are visually stimulated by creative images from all around the world. They can take images, slap a filter on them and instantly share them with their friends. As a photographer, you will have to continue to raise the bar each and every year. One way I am raising my own bar is by introducing our “senior glam session.” It is a session add-on done at the end of a normal senior session. During this session, we introduce fantasystyled makeup and wild, crazy hair.

We wanted something that most people had never seen or experienced in my market. The idea for the glam session is to add it at the end of a normal senior session, so once that session is over our stylist completely transforms their makeup and hair into something really exotic. We give them two completely different looks during this add-on glam session…wild clothing, exotic hair and over-the-top makeup that has allowed for awesome marketing images thus far.

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