Sony A7S : Top Five Reasons To Own One Now


Sony A7S : Top Five Reasons To Own One Now

There’s nothing I hate more than new technology and nothing I love more than what new technology does for our filmmaking. So this is not your average camera review. I’m not a technical guy who enjoys reading manuals and telling you about the latest hacks and color filters. I’m a run-and-gun make-no-excuses video/photo guy who wants to dominate a shoot and provide the best damn video for my client. This article is all about my discovery and implementation of the Sony A7S on my shoots. It’s been a few months now, and we have officially made the change from three Canon 5D MK IIs to (2) Canon MKIIIs and a (1) Canon C100, and today we are filming with (3) Sony A7S cameras. It’s been a rocky road, frustrating, and eventually rewarding.

I don’t care what camera you use, and neither does your client. When was the last time one of you was hired because of what camera you used? Nothing trumps relationships and how you interact with your clients.

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