Steps To Becoming a Brand Photographer

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4 Steps To Becoming a Brand Photographer with Abbie Gowin

Commercial photography has been a long-standing pillar in the industry—encompassing everything from a simple headshot to huge marketing campaigns. With a boom in small businesses opening and the consumer’s desire to see a business take on a personality, the commercial sector has given birth to a new genre: personal brand photography (and she’s a beaut!).

Gone are the days of wedding hangovers, body aches from running around for 8+ hours, missing family time on nights and weekends, and the dreaded slow season. Instead, say hello to your new BFF: branding! She works Monday through Friday, doesn’t slow down in the winter, her clients only reach out during business hours, and she has so much room for creativity. Whether you decide to make a complete switch or add brand photography to your list of services, there are a few things you should know before diving in.


As a wedding or portrait photographer, you have your own unique editing style. The delivered gallery is a reflection of who you are as an artist. However, our goal with branding is to provide the client a reflection of who THEY are as a business. This means you shoot and edit to the client’s aesthetic, give them permission to alter the photos as needed, deliver without a watermark, and last but not least, you don’t require photo credit.

It’s nearly the opposite of everything you’ve learned and if your gut reaction is a little uneasy, I completely understand. We’ve been conditioned to view our final product as a masterpiece to be protected at all costs and now I’m telling you to hand it over like chopped liver (OK, I’m being a touch dramatic)… but I promise this mindset shift will come back ten-fold into your business.

And with that foundation, it’s time to follow the four steps to becoming a brand photographer!


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