How to Get Better Color with Canon in Lightroom Classic

As photographers, we are always searching for better color results from software. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how beautiful your images look on the back of the camera, processing a RAW file to match can be daunting and almost make you want to shoot in JPG.

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Shooting for a Signature Shot

Creating great images is so much more than just pointing your camera at a pretty scene and placing your subject in front of it. Any experienced photographer knows this in their bones. The danger for new photographers is to underestimate the details that go into creating a truly Signature Shot for your clients.

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Fine Art Portrait Editing

Let me begin with the premise that no fine art ideas — whether surreal, conceptual photography, or from a personal place of exploration — begin with editing. Like all art pieces or even pure photographs, editing is only as good as the original image and concept, as long as it is shot correctly with the proper forethought and attention to detail.

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