The Successful Headshot Studio – 3 Changes Photographers Need To Make

The luxury condo we rented was a far cry from any conference room. It had become our standard practice once a year to rent one of Orlando’s many vacation homes so we could sit down for a few days to crunch numbers, cry a little bit, and make plans for the coming year in business.

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Transitioning from Natural Light to Studio Light

There are many parallels between natural and studio lighting and photography. Most people who teach studio photography and lighting don’t teach it from a natural-light perspective. When I tried to learn it all those years ago, it became even more confusing than when I started. The old saying “Light is light is light” applies here. In this article, I break down studio lighting in a way that’s easy to understand, from the perspective of a natural-light shooter who painstakingly learned how to light in a studio.

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5 Steps to Easy Headshots

Headshots are becoming higher in demand with the rise of social media. In the age of startups, more and more people need to have a professional photo that represents them and their brand. If you’re not taking advantage of this exploding market in photography, I highly suggest you start. There are five steps to creating easy headshots that I implement in every single session that comes through my door at Whether or not you have a studio, you can take these are steps to create the best possible headshot for every client.

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The Art of the Black & White Commercial Portrait

When you think about creating a black-and-white photo, ask yourself, why black and white? Some clients simply want it for a particular marketing look or just for the love of black and white. Either way, you should know why you’re shooting in this style. In this article, I focus on a recent black-and-white project I did for a commercial client.

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