The Worldwide Photographer | Becoming Known as a Traveling Photographer


The Worldwide Photographer | Becoming Known as a Traveling Photographer with Karen Bagley

Right out of the gate, the first thing we should do in this article is list the breakdown of the different types of traveling photographer.

  1. You have the destination photographer who travels to another location from their home studio to wherever their client lives.
  2. You have the photographer that has clients travel to the photographer’s location.
  3. Then you have the photographer who travels WITH their clients to whatever destination they desire to be photographed at.

If you are wanting to fit one or possibly all three categories, this article is for you! For me personally, I do all three now and love it!

Getting Started: Becoming a Destination Photographer

In the beginning of my traveling career, it started as me just going to any destination outside of Atlanta to photograph. Typically, when you start this journey you photograph model calls outside your area and usually this is done on your own dime. I had to have the portfolio to back up the fact that I could and was willing to travel for anyone who needed me to.

I used EVERY opportunity to photograph out of state. Trips with my family to Florida or trips we took to the west coast to visit family. EVERY time I was out of the state, I photographed on my own dollar so that I had the marketing material to back up the fact that I did, in fact, travel and more importantly… I was MORE than willing to get up and go. I also wanted to be able to start hashtagging new locations on social media. To do that I made sure I had the work to prove I photographed in these places. In the beginning, like I said, it started with easier places like Florida. Not too far, I was super familiar with the locations and it was easy to incorporate the hashtags for Florida because again, it wasn’t too far.

Traveling Photographer

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