Using Sticky Albums to Make Money

Using Sticky Albums to Make Money

Below is a video conversation I recently had with Nate from Sticky Albums speaking candidly about how we use the product. Sure, he is selling a product to you and sure, he wants you to buy his product, but at the end of the day, any product that helps me make more money is a worthwhile investment.

We use Sticky Albums in our business not only as a pull-through item that we sell, but as a marketing tool! This product truly offers the best of both worlds. Best of all, its pay once sell many model makes it truly simple for you to make your money back in no time at all!

Watch Nate and I as we discuss our strategy for working together in real world scenarios.

Sticky Sal


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  1. Stephanie Schonberger

    Sal – Can you post the link to download your Lightroom presents for Sticky Albums? I would love to use this in my workflow, and I don’t see the link here (I could be crazy…). Thanks!

  2. Holley

    Hi Sal! Thanks so much for doing this! I’ve watched this video 3 times now! So much good information. I have a few questions though, were you able to set up the ability for brides to download your portfolio sticky album from your website yet? If so any insight to how you’ve done that? Also, I loved your idea about the bridal show. I was wondering if you were able to set up anything that allowed brides to put their info in to an iPad that immediately sent them the info for the sticky album. Again any insight would be appreciated! Thanks again for doing this! Great information!

  3. Ruth

    I just saw this video and I am new into the professional photography business. I’m always researching to get the best advice and what is new on the market and I soak up all the mentoring I can get. But, I do have to agree with Alan regarding the language. This video talked about professionalism and therefore, needs to portray the same professionalism in the presentation. I came from the corporate world and this would not have been tolerated there either. It comes across as “developers” creating something in their garage (so to speak) and stumbled onto something great, but forgot about how to present it….sorry, mistakes do happen, so I hope this is a learning tool for you as well….I have not tried the product, but I am mulling it over. Great marketing advice too and I took a lot of notes….

    Keep up the good work!

  4. al

    Thank ya, boys. Useful tips re. marketing & innovation that can be applied universally. In the throes of daily business, it is good to be reminded of these motivating tactics!

  5. Nathan

    Loveing this video already!.. as for the term that was used, that did make me a little uncomfortable but lets be honest….at the end of the day its two people talking real business and the language is up to them. What I enjoy so much about behind the shutter is the straight sugar coated stories…just real down to earth content with people that are in the front lines of the industry just like the rest of us so really…..Thank you for the awesome content on here and all you have done with shutter mag. The info you guys have provided have changed the way we run business. Not only that but its so much more then just more info guys…Its concepts. And many times concepts are so much better then just another fact or rule on doing things because you can take them and apply them to most any situation. We have taken concepts from shutter mag and put them into practice in our dental office…I mean seriously! how awesome is that!
    Jessica, When I first found out about sticky albums and how they worked I had a very similar response as your fiance. But then after really thinking about it…it became really clear that yes maybe i could make something similar for “free.” But the time involved is way more valuable…If I spend…lets just say a week or 2 weeks working on it …is it really still worth my time..? Id say no because i would rather pay the 200 bucks and be doing stuff that inspires me! and makes me money any day!
    This may sound like a crazy analogy but…do we go out to eat, have someone else wash our car or have the oil changed because we can’t make our own food or wash our own car or change the oil ourselves? No. Right now we use sticky albums in our startup photography business and they work really really well…like better then i could have ever imagined. They are just plain easy to use! and clients love them. At the same time I would be excited to see your fiance make something that can really compete with the other “Custom app” programs out there..there is always room for more innovation and it just makes us all better people and better business owners. 🙂 Keep it up Sal!

  6. jessica

    My fiance hate Sticky Albums because they just took already created free scripts and put them together without even taking out unnecessary codes…. And they charge for someone else work. He was actually thinking about creating the same thing but for free just because he thinks this is so wrong!

    1. admin

      hey Jessica – not really sure how to respond here. I am in no position to defend sticky or their scripts – I suppose you could make the argument that web sites and templates are dumb too because someone else wrote them and you could create your own web site for free… me… I would rather pay $200/yr and not try and program, manage, maintain, upgrade, etc. I am a photographer, not a programmer. My time is best spent shooting and marketing. But if your fiance thinks he can do it for “free” – sounds like you might be on to something… 😉

  7. Alan Cox

    At the risk of sounding old school, it was offensive to have the term “Shit” thrown around so casually in the conference with Sal C. This was about being professional but that didn’t feel very professional at all. Sorry, just being honest.

    1. admin

      no need to apologize. sorry if that offended you. 🙂

  8. Indadur Talukder

    Watched the video will purchase sticky album for my business.
    If this video wasn’t posted wouldn’t have known about the product.

    Thanks Sal & Nate

  9. Karl

    Love the forward thinking.

    Will definitely be using this

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