Want to create a portfolio site? Check out Squarespace!

Want to create an amazing portfolio site to showcase your photography?  Squarespace was built with the professional photographer in mind.   Each design has been carefully considered and crafted to make your photos look spectacular on any device.  Whether you shoot landscapes, people, food, or weddings, Squarespace is chosen by some of the world’s most talented photographers.

Squarespace also allows you to showcase your work with multiple presentations including full-screen, slideshows, lightbox, and more.  You can upload high-res images and set a focal point; and they will automatically create perfectly-cropped versions for every device.  From Twitter and Instagram to Flickr and Smugmug, their seamless social integrations let you connect with your audience everywhere. Download the free Squarespace Portfolio app for iPad and iPhone so you can take your photos anywhere – no internet connection needed.  Last but not least, their award winning customer service. Everyone on Squarespace’ Customer Care team is an experienced Squarespace user and works in their office, nothing is ever outsourced.  See the video below for more on what Squarespace is all about, and click here for more info at Squarespace.com/shutter

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