Wedding Photo + Video: Why You Should Be Offering Both


Wedding Photo + Video: Why You Should Be Offering Both

Of the hundreds of photographers and filmmakers I know, only four offer both. Why? Isn’t it easer than ever these days to find affordable equipment and become a professional wedding photographer or filmmaker? Yes. Is the education easy to find? Yes. Are you already using a camera that allows you to take professional video and photos? Yes. So why isn’t every photographer offering both? Let’s look at the top excuses.

Excuse #1:
“I don’t know how to be a photographer” or “I don’t know how to become a filmmaker.”

Surely all you filmmakers feel it must be nearly impossible to take photos like a pro. Most of you reading this article are photographers, and many of you are scared to hit the Record button. How many of you video people have been to weddings where you feel like you know more about lighting and composition than the photographer? Hell, half the weddings we attend, we know more about music and sound than the deejay. Just to be fair, there’s a ton of new filmmakers out there who know nothing about communication, lighting or posing. You might think you don’t know how to do one or the other, but everyone starts somewhere. Brides and grooms are not comparing you to the greatest photographer or filmmaker in the world. If you just try it by throwing yourself in the fire, you will be just fine. Not knowing how to do everything is what makes photo/video jobs so fun.

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