Wedding Video Edits: Music Videos vs. Short Films vs. Full Coverage


Wedding Video Edits: Music Videos vs. Short Films vs. Full Coverage

Wedding videos used to be simple: Record the wedding and just put it on VHS or DVD. Today there is a battle between filmmakers who shoot music videos, short films and full coverage. Most of my filmmaker friends claim they have the best formula for success and are totally convinced that brides want what they offer. It’s hard to argue with wedding film/photo companies that are successful making money and giving brides the most unforgettable experience, especially if you are a filmmaker who is doing it the way you want to do it—right? Maybe not.

I’m going to throw a curve ball at you and make a bold statement. The majority of filmmakers are missing out on a tremendous upside for themselves and their companies. They can double their income and cut back on half of their editing time if they keep an open mind and rethink the way they deliver and edit wedding films.

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