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At one point or another, life can take over whether it is welcoming a new baby to the family, moving or even the holidays.

It is inevitable that business sometimes doesn’t get the attention that it should. It’s not always easy to stay focused.

Waking up throughout the night with a newborn, unpacking boxes; these all stare us in the face like a big “To Do” sign. If it sounds like I am talking from experience, I am. At the end of this year we moved right in the middle of the holidays. And I have two boys so staying focused is not always easy! I think life has its seasons and part of being a mom/dad leads to priorities getting shifted or even unusual working hours. Sometimes I look at other businesses and think dang they are everywhere and doing everything! As I write this it is 5 a.m. at my house, coffee in hand, husband and kids are still sleeping and this is my most valuable time to work. We all have peak times that are most productive, and in this stage of my life it happens to be very early. If you don’t have kids I am sure you are reading this thinking I’m crazy!

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