Adding Senior Films To The Photography Experience

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Adding Senior Films To The Photography Experience with Garon Cooper

Video is everything right now. TikTok. Stories. YouTube.

And video is everywhere right now. Phones. Billboards. VR.

This is the world our senior clients are growing up in and they’re creating and engaging with video content more than any generation before them. This is a huge opportunity for creatives working with this demographic to craft next-level content in their sessions and expand their experience.

And it’s easier than ever. The cameras we’re shooting their stills on have had great video built in for years. Smartphones have become incredibly capable video cameras. Let’s put these tools to work for our clients!

I’ve been offering senior films for a few years now, and they’ve been very popular. It’s definitely something I believe most photographers should consider adding. Clients are booking them for a unique experience and finished product that complements their photos. And it’s still something no one else is offering, so it’ll stand out in any market.

If you’re saying, “I’m a photographer, not a cinematographer. I don’t know how to create videos like this”—let’s break down some of the components of a senior film and see if we can simplify things.


Every good video has a storytelling element. This doesn’t need to be complicated. We’re not talking about scripting out a movie scene or storyboarding a commercial. This can be as simple as “walking from one location to another,” “exploring a setting,” “showing off an outfit,” or “practicing their sport or hobby.”

sm blogpost gcooper

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