Adventures in Croatia


On the last leg of our trip to Europe this summer we had the opportunity to spend some time in beautiful Croatia. What a beautiful country. Definitely on my list to return to.

While there, I wanted to be sure to take advantage of the gorgeous sunsets and seemingly endless coastline.

Let’s not forget, this was the final stop for me as I took time away from clients to work on my portfolio.

My goal was to produce a fashion style image and a wedding image.

Late one evening, as seems to be the case with most things we do, there is always a certain level of spontaneity, we decided to jump on Google Maps and find a part of the island with less traffic and less people. An hour later, we were driving on the beach and off-roading through brush to get to a really cool spot! (Honestly, I don’t know why they still rent us cars.)

As we rolled up on the scene, we realized the sun was setting fast, and we needed to move quickly, which in and of itself is not a big deal. This is a team used to improvising. The challenge here was movement. Yes, movement. The beaches are made of rock. No sand. Just hard pointy rocks. I think I still have cuts and bruises on my feet. But there was this perfect point about ten feet out that had gorgeous leading lines and the ability to put Alissa out there for a silhouette shot.

The key here, is to realize I saw a shot in my head the minute I rolled up on the scene. Sometimes, we have to just trust our instincts and communicate that to our team so everyone is in sync. I have found this is the best way to work under pressure. Truth be told, I love the adrenaline rush. Look, photography is not a sport, but there is a part of me that loves creating that same excitement, even if it is self-imposed.

Below is my favorite shot from the series. We had Alissa walk out to the rock in her shorts and then stand on the rocks where she was able to put the dress on without getting it wet.

Shot details.

Phase One IQ250

Schneider 28mm

1/160th @ f8 ISO 200

Click for larger image.


On our last day of shooting, I wanted something more towards a bridal session. We had borrowed a dress from one of our vendors in St. Louis and had a gorgeous veil. I definitely wanted to showcase the beauty and softness of the dress, veil, and scene.

I knew how I would normally shoot the scene, but again, this was my opportunity to experiment and try something that I would not normally do. Don’t misunderstand what I mean by “experiment”. Its not a science experiment, I am not trying to reinvent photography, I am trying to push myself to work outside my own comfort zone. That is what I am advocating you do for yourself.


Get uncomfortable. Try something new. I promise, you will love the results!

Below are some of the shots from our last shoot.


Shot details.

Phase One IQ250

Schneider 55mm

1/250th @ f9 ISO 100

Click image to view larger.



Shot details.

Phase One IQ250

Schneider 55mm

1/320th @ f9 ISO 100

Click image to view larger.



Shot details.

Phase One IQ250

Schneider 55mm

1/40th @ f2.8 ISO 800

Click image to view larger.


Our partner in all this? Capture Integration. If you want to try medium format give them a call – they will help you navigate the process and see what all the hype is about. It’s not as expensive as you might think and the quality is second to none.

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Adventures in Croatia

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