Building the Foundation For a Successful Photography Business: Part 2


Building the Foundation For a Successful Photography Business: Part 2 with Michael Anthony

Last month, we discussed the foundations of building a successful photography business. We talked about reframing your mindset to start seeing sales as an opportunity to add value to each client that comes into your world. If you began putting the ELEVATE method into action, you are probably already beginning to see how it can change your entire world by helping you to build a tribe of loyal customers that will continue to come back to you for years to come. 

But what happens next? Now that you have the business plan and sales foundation that will drive your marketing, how do we ensure that the growth you will experience will not tank your business?

This is where infrastructure comes in. 

I will admit it, when I work with a photographer entrepreneur that comes to me asking for help with their business and I can tell that they are willing to hustle, I get excited. But for some of them, I don’t worry about their commitment to success… I worry about what happens when they find it.

See, I had this same issue in my own business back in 2014. I was so focused on growth that I ignored building a scalable foundation. Race car drivers know that whatever you keep your eye on, that is where the car will go…

The same thing happens in business. If we are so focused on obtaining that next client, eventually we will figure out the formula to do it, but if we don’t keep our eyes open to the next turn, we will crash.

So that being said, let’s talk about all of the things you need to scale your business up. 

First up is technology…

Efficiency is absolutely key in your business. Running an efficient studio will allow you to employ fewer people and run through your processes real quick. In order to do this, we HAVE to leverage modern technology.


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