Finding Epic Locations for Wedding Photographers

Finding Epic Locations

Finding Epic Locations for Wedding Photographers with Deivis Archbold

Finding epic locations for your bride and groom? In my earlier years, the thought of finding the perfect spot for an epic photo would engulf me. I recall overthinking and stressing about selecting the perfect backdrop. I soon realized that you really do not need a castle, ancient historic cathedral, or open field of vibrant, colorful lush flowers to capture an amazing work of art for your clients. The saying holds true: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (whether the photographer or the client).

Fast forward, today as an established and growing wedding and portrait photography studio, the team and I have a method to the madness when it comes to selecting the ideal location(s) for our couples. We continuously keep a running list of places we believe photograph well. This list is populated over time, whether by doing some area reconnaissance in our free time, online scouting (Google Earth) and/or online research. We take the time to get to know our couple one-on-one prior to the shoot, so that the location selected can be personalized or perhaps contain elements important to them. Independent of the couple, we deem a location epic when there’s several components present that enhance the ability to be creative with composition.

Scouting locations

Keeping a running list in our back pocket of a variety of places that photograph well has been our saving grace. Every so often Keyla will run a basic Google search such as “engagement photo locations near me” and find new places, new or up and coming venues, seasonal outdoor art expos or unique locations that others happen to post or blog about that we didn’t know existed. During our day-to-day commutes, many times we will come across some scenic spots and add them to our database. Many couples know and communicate what type of scenery/backdrop style they prefer for their photos. As the photographer and their trusted advisor in the matter, it is up to us to make their vision come to life. Therefore, having a list and being familiar with locations that photograph well and align with their vision is crucial.

Finding Epic Locations

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