Food Photography Tips & Tricks with Chad Montano


To really understand food photography you must first love food. It begins with passion. Many people see food as just something to fill their bellies. I look at food like a piece of art. It can be transformed into something beautiful and delicious that brings happiness and creates community. Food photography is a powerful tool that can be used for social media, commercial advertising, cookbooks, brand awareness and storytelling. People always ask me how I make food look so good. It’s not easy, but definitely possible. Let me tell you how with some food photography tips & tricks.


There are a few things you need to know before you can create dynamic food photos that will make people stop and drool. This type of photography takes time to learn and the only way to really become good at it is to become obsessed with it. Look at professional images online and you’ll notice how flawless they look. The photos are well lit, sharp, and have vibrant colors. It takes a little more than just whipping out your iPhone and taking a shot. It’s the process and production behind the photography that really makes a good image.


The food you’re photographing must look as delicious and fresh as possible. Food has a short life span so you want to photograph it quickly. Whether you are shooting at a restaurant or shooting a recipe in the comfort of your own home, the food must be crisp and attractive. When working at restaurants, I personally talk with the chef and ask if they can provide me with the best quality ingredients for the plates. This will save time with the editing process having to fix produce or meats that have blemishes or discoloration. I’m a firm believer in sourcing the best local ingredients for the best quality images.

Food Photography

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