From Shoot to Edit: Creating a Composite in Photoshop

Composite in Photoshop

From Shoot to Edit: Creating a Composite in Photoshop with Anya Anti

I believe there’s more to photography than just taking a picture. I see photography as a medium to express myself, embody my creativity and share my artistic vision. I never just take a photo. I always use photography as a way of collecting material to create something that is not possible to capture. Installations, props and photo manipulation help me embody my fantasies into a finished piece of art. Post-production and photo manipulation are essential in my work. Just like my camera, editing software is another powerful tool for creating artwork. Editing helps me embody my fantasies, bring my work to the next level to suit my imagination and create dramatic effects. It gives me a big potential to convey my idea and match everything that was captured to my vision. That’s why I always edit my photographs in Photoshop and very often use compositing in my work.

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