Photoshop vs. Lightroom

Photography is a wonderful way to capture special moments in time, the people we love, magnificent landscapes and so much more. Like many hobbies, there is so much to learn—from composition and lighting to cameras and f-stops, to how to edit and store your images. It may all seem daunting at first, but little by little you will learn all you need to know.

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From Shoot to Edit: Creating a Composite in Photoshop

Compositing is a problem-solving tool and an extension to my photography vision. It adds layers to the idea and helps me be more creative. There are different reasons why you might want to use compositing in your work. Here are some of the reasons why I create composites.

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Fine Art Portrait Editing

Let me begin with the premise that no fine art ideas — whether surreal, conceptual photography, or from a personal place of exploration — begin with editing. Like all art pieces or even pure photographs, editing is only as good as the original image and concept, as long as it is shot correctly with the proper forethought and attention to detail.

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