Golden Hour Fashion Portraits

In this video, Sal demonstrates how he uses natural light at golden hour to create beautiful portraits. From the position he needs to be in to communicating with his subject, this video will give you an inside look on what it takes to use natural light to create the look you’re wanting.

Settings: f/1.2 @ 1/6400, ISO 200 | Canon 5D Mark IV | Canon 85mm 1.2

Shadows vs. Natural Light

When using natural light, Sal has to be very aware of where he is taking the photo. If he isn’t mindful of his positioning, he will cast a shadow on his subject, which is not good. Golden hour makes for beautiful pictures, but unless you can understand where you need to be positioned, it can be your worst enemy.

Settings: f/1.2 @ 1/8000, ISO 200 | Canon 5D Mark IV | Canon 85mm 1.2

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