How to Build the Foundation to Your Dream Photography Business: Part 1

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How to Build the Foundation to Your Dream Photography Business: Part 1 with Michael Anthony

The photography industry has gone through many changes over the last five years. In fact, this industry changes faster than many people could ever imagine. But change doesn’t always mean innovation. Sometimes change just means going about a process in a new way.

I’d like to reserve the definition of innovation for things that not only bring change in our industry, but things that exemplify creativity, forward thinking, and a unique approach to solving a familiar problem.

Innovation in our industry can come in many forms. There are technical innovations to the equipment we use (which are the most common types of innovation we see). There is innovation in the way we view photos, and even in how we shoot portrait sessions in the age of COVID-19.

But the real innovation in our industry—that we need to see much more of—comes in the form of business. There is a major lack of business education outside of the Shutter orbit. And the innovation we have seen is not always for the better.

You see, the last major innovation we saw in the photography trade was back in the mid-2000s. The photography industry was exploding and many people were jumping into the professional category without putting together a business plan.

Unfortunately for the industry, a few greedy companies took advantage and began to peddle ways for photographers to make a living without selling products to their clients. This resulted in photographers creating failing business models, ultimately hurting the labs that had long supported education in our industry.

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