Panasonic Lumix Lounge

Panasonic Lumix Lounge

I’m always keeping an eye out for free resources that can be helpful to both professional and recreational photographers, and my most recent discovery comes from the great people at Panasonic Lumix.

Their new and ever-improving Lumix Lounge site currently acts as a host to a team of esteemed of “Luminaries”––professionals in the field of photography and cinematography (we’re talking Michael Grecco, Giulio Sciorio, William Innes and more), all of whom bring myriad strengths and experiences to the table.

At, visitors can view the work of these Luminaries and discover any upcoming events and classes that they might be hosting. For example, several members of the Luminary team joined up with Lumix at WPPI 2014, and took part in a series of informational Google+ Hangout discussions covering a wide range of topics. These hangouts, which are streamed live and recorded for later reference, serve as an excellent platform where photography enthusiasts can learn about the latest advancements in photography.

If you want the chance to be featured on, tag your Tweets and Facebook posts with #LumixLounge. If you haven’t been to the site yet, I highly suggest paying a visit and seeing what you can learn from the Luminary team.



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