Profoto B1 and Profoto B2 Gels and Portable Beauty Dish

Profoto B1 and Profoto B2 Gels and Portable Beauty Dish

Recently, I had an incredible opportunity to photograph in LA, working on a Helipad. What made the shoot so successful? Access to incredible lighting. Make no mistake, as a photographer, you understand this need for light. We need it for everything we do. Some jobs call for continuous lighting like an Ice Light, while others call for Speedlites. Having the light you need when you need it is key. For this job, we used the Profoto B1 and Profoto B2 Gels and Portable Beauty Dish. The portable beauty dish and lighting gels are new additions to the Profoto lineup and a welcomed one at that.

Beauty dishes are typically made from metal and are extremely bulky and difficult to travel with. The new portable beauty dish is incredibly portable and versatile. In addition, the gels are easy to use and allow you to add that extra pop of color to your shots for a more unique look.

For the first scene, we were locked in a hotel room and wanted to do more of a beauty shot. We were limited in space and the overall look of the room was less than optimal. Using the B1 and B2s in conjunction with one another allowed us to create this unqiue look. The B2s were used to light the wall with a red gel and a kicker light for her hair with a blue gel. The B1 was used with the Beauty Dish for the main light.

For the Helipad, we had to move quickly and efficiently. We wanted to darken down the background to take advantage of the setting sun and the dark blue of the sky for a more dramatic look. So, we used B1 as the main light with the beauty dish and one B2 head bare-bulb as the kicker light.

At the end of the day, the right equipment gives you the opportunity to make some amazing images. As always, get out there and make something incredible!

Gear Used

Canon 1Dx
Canon 11-24mm 4.0
Profoto B1
Profoto B2
Profoto Portable Beauty Dish
Profoto Lighting Gels


6787_01_TP_PRO PHOTO_31P0458_V2 6787_02_TP_PRO PHOTO_31P0489_V2_31P0560 _31P0704 _31P0732

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