Salvatore Cincotta Photography New Studio

We are a little more than 30 days out from the building completion and what an amazing project this has been for us. When it’s all said and done, we will have rehab’d nearly 12k square feet for our new studio and home for all our staff. I plan on keeping everyone there long hours every day ;)… so we had to add some creature comforts like a cereal bar and coffee bar on the 2nd floor. Then of course, an employee gym on the third floor to work off all those calories. 🙂

The biggest transformation has been to the front of the building. The new store front is nothing short of amazing with all glass replacing the boxed up old windows from the 70s. In addition, there will be a balcony added to the second floor – you can see the new doors where there was once a balcony on the original building, but removed due to the deterioration of the building over time.

More to come for sure. Enjoy.



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Salvatore Cincotta Photography New Studio

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