Senior Portraits With the Profoto B1 + Beauty Dish

Senior Portraits With the Profoto B1 + Beauty Dish

Lighting can make or break a photo, especially when you’re on location. Getting the right lighting can be easier with the Profoto B1. Whether the shoot is inside or outside, this off-camera flash is guaranteed to give you an image worth sharing.

In this video, Sal demonstrates how easy and useful the Profoto B1 is when it comes to taking portraits. This gives off the right amount of light, giving your image the “pop” every photographer wants.

Settings: f/1.2 @ 1/5000th, ISO 50 | Canon 5D Mark IV | Canon 85mm 1.2

Know your environment

When Sal goes to different locations, he is looking for areas to shoot that he knows will stand out. There are so many opportunities to get a unique shot in a unique location so really use the area to your advantage. Sal does a good job using all the different elements of the sunflower field to create the vision he was wanting.

Settings: f/1.2 @ 1/5000th, ISO 50 | Canon 5D Mark IV | Canon 85mm 1.2

Understand how to work with natural light

Since this shoot was taken outside, Sal had to make sure he wasn’t blowing his subject out with the natural light as well as the flash from the B1. This is a trial and error process to figure out what kind of lighting works best. Going through the different power levels, moving the light closer and further away from the subject, making sure the light is angled the correct way, etc., is all part of the process of finding the perfect light. Because natural light was part of this shot, Sal also had to take that into consideration and work with it.

Pro Tip:

When using an off-camera flash, remember that light always comes from the sky and never from the ground. Keep that in mind when you are positioning the B1 and make sure it is angled down on the subject and not coming from bottom to top.
Settings: f/8.0 @ 1/200th, ISO 50 | Canon 5D Mark IV | Canon 24-70mm @ 38mm

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