She’s Got the Glow: Quick Bridal Retouching


She’s Got the Glow: Quick Bridal Retouching 

If you shoot weddings, you get paid to make your bride look like a million bucks on her wedding day. That’s no easy task. Through all the tears, flower-girl temper tantrums, crazy parents and wedding planners, the day (and your mission) can easily become unattainable. If you aren’t blessed with the perfect wedding-day scenario, in which all aspects of the big day miraculously come together, read on for some tricks that you can do after the wedding day that will help you make your bride shine in her portraits.

I love adding a subtle glow to a bride to give her that dewy look, kind of like she’s lighted from within. Let’s use this beautiful bridal portrait that Greg Gibson took as our first example image. I’ve done some slight skin smoothing and a few touchups so we can get right to the glow effect.

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