Travel Photography

Travel Photography

Not sure about everyone else, but I love to travel. And truth is, I think as photographers, we have the best jobs in the world! We can travel, do a little work, and its a business expense. Its a beautiful thing if you ask me. Everyone is happy. These are two images I took on recent trips to London and Paris. I know, two very cliche landmarks, but here is the thing. I took them! Taylor and I have a hard and fast rule in the house. We will not hang any pictures that we did not take. Seems only logical since we are photographers and are in these cities. Makes life a little more interesting in my opinion. We get to edit them, print them, frame them… its all about the process. Every time we look at these images in our home, not only do we get to remember an amazing place that is near and dear to us, but we get to remember the process of taking the image, editing the image, arguing about which is the perfect image… its an experience that extends far beyond just a picture or a landmark. It creates amazing memories in some of our favorite places around the world.

Just wanted to post a little something out of the norm here for a little Friday inspiration.

Now, get out there and make your own memories.



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Travel Photography

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