Turning a concept shoot into a magazine cover

Turning a concept shoot into a magazine cover



So, many of you may recall our Shoot to Sell training series on the 1960s Mad Men inspired shoot we did a few months ago. If not, check it out here


We produced this as a training series for professional photographers and as a concept shoot for our studio so we had some really cool and unique imagery that represented our brand. It was a perfect idea/concept.

Well, I was talking to the publisher of a local magazine here in St Louis. Linda and Kevin Hennessey own and operate St Louis Bride and Groom. They also produce the largest bridal show here in St Louis and we have been part of their show for the last six years. During the conversation we were talking about trends in the market. I was explaining to her that something we are seeing is themed or stylized engagement shoots and weddings. She was surprised, but excited to see some pictures.

Of course, like any good photographer, I had a few on my phone. I pulled them up and she was blown away. That started a conversation that would ultimately lead to us shooting the cover of the magazine. I suggested, “What would be really cool is if we did a 1960s inspired shoot with a feature talking about the latest trends”. She loved the idea. Creative ideas started flowing back and forth between the two of us. When it was all said and done, she wanted the exact same models we used for the concept shoot because they photographed so well.

Below are some of the images we shot and the final layout in the magazine.

stlbg_w_0085 stlbg_w_0087 stlbg_w_0098 stlbg_w_0099 stlbg_w_0122 stlbg_w_0142 stlbg_w_0151 stlbg_w_0156 1

So, how can you use this idea to benefit your business?

Its simple, invest. Invest in your business and invest in your relationships. In this scenario we were the trusted advisor. I have had a long-standing business relationship and personal relationship with Kevin and Linda for years. They trust me. I have always been reliable. I listen to their input when we are shooting for them – I don’t play that “I am the artist” card – their collaboration is welcomed. I try to be professional, responsive, timely, and all the other key words that are positive for your business. As a result, when I approach them with an idea like this, they are extremely receptive.

What were the results?

We got the cover of the magazine. Huge exposure for the brand.

We got to shoot the 8 page feature spread. Huge exposure for the brand.

We got to write editorial in the feature spread. Huge exposure for the brand.

Our images were used by the other vendors in their ads driving even more exposure to our photography. Huge exposure for the brand.

These images will be all over the January bridal show. Huge exposure for the brand.

The street shot was taken in front of our studio. We asked the Mayor to block off the street for us and he did. This created massive buzz in town with people driving . Huge exposure for the brand.

You picking up what I am laying down here? It’s all about exposure and establishing yourself as the expert and a leader in your local market.

Get out there and come up with your own shoot. Do something different. Do something for you. Now is the time of year to really experiment and reinvent yourself.  Start working with vendors like dress shops, reception halls, florists, and magazines.

Next year can be whatever you want it to be. Control your destiny and make next year that break out year for your business.


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