How to WOW your photography clients with Sticky Albums

How to WOW your photography clients with Sticky Albums

How to WOW your photography clients with Sticky Albums

First, we need to understand the reality of the landscape we operate in today.


TIME. You have got to get to market faster! We take too long. In today’s market of NOW we have got to get images in front of our clients while the event is still fresh in their minds.


Instagram. Facebook and the plethora of digital-now options are your competitors. At this point, after the event, it doesn’t matter what your competitors are doing. Your competitors aren’t other professional photographers at this point. Your competitors are all those people at the wedding with cell phones and DSLRs like yours. They are posting images, sharing images, tagging images all in real time. And you? Weeks or even worse, months behind.


There is no substitute for speed. We have got to get in the game.


Digital. Today, all clients want some level of digital. Almost every client from seniors to families to weddings are engaged in social media. They want their images online and they want their friends and family to engage.


Most photographers are convinced that if they post their images online clients will steal them. There is probably some truth to that, but I am here to tell you, thats going to happen no matter what you do. We have got to find a way to engage with our clients in a way that is meaningful to them.


Everyone wants digital. Figure out how to give them what they want while protecting your interest.


Value-Add. Almost every single product we produce for clients has a hard cost to it. Meaning, we have to pay out a significant percentage to produce that product for them. When this happens, it becomes very difficult for us to add value for our clients without incurring significant additional costs on our end. So, what’s the solution? We MUST find solution for our clients that have little to no hard cost of goods every time we produce it for them. This allows us to maximize profits while increasing value for our clients.


Sticky Albums is one such product. Sticky Albums allows us to produce something for our clients in near real time that we are delivering to them on their honeymoon or as a final deliverable. This is not just for weddings. Seniors, families, glamour clients, engagements, weddings and the list goes on and on. Imagine being a client and receiving their very own app for their phone with their images on it readily available that they can share with friends and family. How much is that worth to your business? How much value would a client receive from something like this? How many referrals would you receive from the people they show and share their images with?


If you are not using Sticky Albums this way you are missing a huge opportunity for your business and a huge value-add for your clients.


Here is a simple workflow. Less than 15min to execute. 


1) Shoot your event.

2) Get home or back to your studio and download those images.

3) QUICKLY and I emphasize quickly – select 25-40 images. Stop obsessing!

4) Work within Lightroom and give them some basic edits – color correction maybe black and white

5) Upload and process via Sticky Albums

6) Share with your client.


BOOM. That’s it. Don’t over-complicate it. It can be shared before they come in for their preview or after. It can be incorporated into a package or it can be something you offer as a surprise. The possibilities are endless, but you have got to get in the game and start doing stuff like this for your clients TODAY.


We believe in this so much – has convinced Sticky Albums to come up with a lifetime plan for you for a ridiculous price. You will pay once and able to deliver on this for your clients FOREVER. The cost over just a short window of time becomes less than a single cup of coffee. It is truly a no-brainer.

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