3 tips to being a better wedding photographer // Jerry Ghionis and Sal Cincotta

3 tips to being a better wedding photographer // Jerry Ghionis and Sal Cincotta

Check out a recent conversation between myself and Jerry Ghionis about some of the challenges in the wedding industry and ways to stand out from the crowd.

In addition, Jerry is now on tour and coming to a city near you courtesy of MZed – an amazing educational organization, by the way.

If you have time and they are in a city hear you – I highly encourage you to check them out.

Use code HTWSHTR and save $10 off your registration!


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  1. Crooze Photography Aruba

    Great stuff! We are attending Jerry’s course at the WPPI in Las Vegas this March!

  2. Donnie Robertson


  3. Regina Peterson

    I just got into the world of photography and it is so fun. My friend recently asked me to do her wedding, which I thought was very brave of her, but now I’m realizing that it is very brave of me. I have heard horror stories of photographers taking a bunch of wedding photos and then ruining them as they were trying to get them exposed. I love learning from the experts, thanks Jerry and Sal. http://capture-me-photography.com/investment/

    1. Donnie Robertson

      YOUR friend is an IDIOT! AMATEURS do not belong at the most important day of a couples LIVES!

  4. Brett

    Always enjoy listening and learning from Jerry. I am guilty as charged on all counts and want to make more money….so gonna try to dig for change in the couch and make the show.

  5. Michael Anthony | Los Angeles Wedding Photography

    Can’t wait for November 2nd to meet Jerry again in LA. Sal you guys should put together a business tour!! Make it happen!

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