3 Tips for Being an Innovator in the Photography Industry


3 Tips for Being an Innovator in the Photography Industry with Sal Cincotta

There has never been a more crucial time in our Industry. Covid has wreaked havoc on our economy, lives, and businesses. So, as small business owners, we are all sitting here wondering if we will survive. 

As a small business owner myself, I’m growing concerned for many of you and for all of us as a collective. These are tough times. I know. I get it. But I’m seeing an incredibly concerning trend. 

It’s called RETRACTION. (I’ll explain.)

I get it—Covid threw us all for a loop and it’s still a concern. Of course it is. Businesses are struggling with safety concerns, state regulations limiting your operations, and just an overall lagging consumer confidence. This is uncharted territory for ALL OF US!

But you have a choice in front of you. You can either go into defense mode, which I promise you WILL ULTIMATELY FAIL, or take the offensive and look for opportunity to grow. I get it, right now you are thinking, “Is this man nuts?Grow as we are in panic mode?!” Yes, I’M TELLING YOU—GROW! 

Sports, military tacticians, etc. all know sitting still and trying to play out the clock is a horrible strategy. It’s no different in business. 

HE BEST DEFENSE IS A GOOD OFFENSE. Right now, as a business owner, if you don’t take the offensive, you might never recover. Here is why… A defensive mindset is one of paranoia. A defensive mindset is constantly looking at and reacting to the negative. A defensive mindset is waiting for the other shoe to drop… daily. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. A defensive mindset in business begins the death march of cash hoarding. This fear will cripple your business and lock you into a strategy that is devoid of any real growth opportunity. For example, if you are losing customers or your customers are going out of business, if you are in defense mode, the only way you can recover is for your EXISTING customers to return… A very slow process that may not work in time.


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