A Photographer’s Guide to SEO Fundamentals


A Photographer’s Guide to SEO Fundamentals with Myrna Daramy

It never ceases to amaze me how much anxiety, fear, and overwhelm business owners have when it comes to the phenomenon known as SEO Fundamentals. I’ve seen this acronym get misused, cursed at, and even ignored over the years due to the over-thinking and convoluted information shared about it across the web. One minute, so-called SEO experts are telling you that you need to do this, and then the next moment they are telling you that you need to do something else instead. SEO seems to be this forever moving target that might be impossible to hit. With so many options, constant algorithm changes, and new trends popping up all the time, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure about what strategies you should incorporate in order to increase your website’s site traffic and visibility. But I’m here to tell you’re not alone in thinking that way. With the rapid changes in tech, it makes perfect sense that things could seem overwhelming. But I’m also here to tell you that SEO really isn’t as complicated as it may seem, as long as you break it down and take a simple approach.  

Over the past several years, I have noticed a resurgence of interest around the topic of SEO, particularly within the creative entrepreneurship community. For a while there, many marketers were telling business owners that it was dead and that the best way to increase the potential of more eyeballs on your product or service is by paying to play.  But the reality is that SEO still happens to be the number one sales converter for businesses that want to attract more online visitors. And Google is usually the first place anyone goes when they are seeking information. So how do you benefit from SEO tactics in order to increase your visibility and traffic?  

In order to have an A to that Q, it’s important to first have a solid understanding of WHAT SEO is, WHERE it came from, WHY you need to practice optimization techniques, and HOW you can apply those tactics in order to leverage your business online. Unlike the pay to play marketing strategies which give you instant gratification, SEO is more reliant on consistency and long-term benefits. So, in order for you to really get a return on your efforts, SEO tactics need to be a part of your overall digital marketing strategy for the best results. Whatever you implement needs to become a habit, and from my experience, to create habits or lasting changes you have to have enough context in order to keep going.  

SEO Fundamentals

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