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The Creative Process Breakdown For Photographers

After a year or two of learning photography, developing my style and finding my artistic vision. I finally decided what I wanted to shoot, other than weddings. I wanted to be a creative photographer. Using a mixture of off-camera flash and Photoshop, I wanted my work to stand out and be different from the usual. Photography is art and art is subjective, as everyone else says. I like to express my vision, ideas and mind via my photography.

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Boudoir Photography

A Boudoir Photographer’s Guide to NOT Posing

This is not your typical posing article. There will be no list of my top, best, most sellable poses for everybody, flattering every shape, every client. This article is more about getting you to think about posing variations and categories of poses so you can be mindful and shoot with intention.

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Wedding Photography Business

It’s been quite a while since I have written an article for Shutter Magazine. A little over a year in fact. During this time, so much has changed in the wedding photography industry that has helped me to gain a new perspective on the business and fine-tune many different aspects to build a more sustainable career, and more importantly, teach others how to do the same.

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Small-Space, Single-Light Studio Setup

As a professional portrait photographer, the bulk of my work is done in my studio by choice. From the beginning of my photography career, I have been in love with studio portraiture. As a new photographer, I was eager to learn how to light my subjects through tutorials, online classes and workshops, but the demonstrations were typically held in large spaces with high ceilings.

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Senior Photography

Reevaluate Your Senior Experience

How often do you have an interaction with a business that just totally WOWS and AMAZES you? Have you ever had an experience that affects you so very much that you want to reevaluate your own business’s customer experience and every aspect of how your business functions?

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Lighting in Challenging Situations

Off-camera lighting is easily the most challenging and rewarding experience any photographer can endeavor. One misstep and it punishes you with mediocre results that make you feel like a complete novice all over again.

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