Covid Creativity


Covid Creativity with Scott Detweiler

We have all had a jolt of reality in our business and personal lives during this trying time. I know many of us are far behind what we expected for our sales goals, and as a result, we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle trying to wedge ourselves into this new seemingly-perpetual pandemic paradigm. 

The grim reality is that life has changed, and wishing things would return to normal might be a long-term outlook. So, rather than sulk about it, I want to share some of the things I have been doing to adapt, keep busy, re-tool, and keep myself somewhat sane.

Since all photographers are artists (even if you don’t want to admit it), we all have some skills to recognize art versus what should probably be destroyed before someone sees it. Given those innate skills, we should be taking some of this time to sharpen the tools we have in our caveman brains that perhaps we never considered could impact our business. As we all know, there is always a flood of “people with cameras” in our immediate vicinity. We need to find ways to stick out from the crowd to avoid being placed into the same trash bin as all of those commodity photographers racing to the bottom of the price ladder.

During this ongoing “COVID-cation,” I have decided to pick up on some areas of interest where I was dabbling and sharpen those skills in an effort to diversify my business. At the time of this article, I am way behind in high school senior bookings, and I am sure the wedding business folks are also on the unexpected side of yuck (NOTE: please confirm). To combat that, here are some areas I am working on via online classes, reading, or virtual training.

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