Fine Art Portrait Editing

Fine art editing

Fine Art Portrait Editing with Nikki Harrison

Let me begin with the premise that no fine art ideas — whether surreal, conceptual photography, or from a personal place of exploration — begin with editing. Like all art pieces or even pure photographs, editing is only as good as the original image and concept, as long as it is shot correctly with the proper forethought and attention to detail.

Letʼs begin with the question:

What Is Fine Art Photography?

Well, according to the Oxford dictionary, “fine art” is defined as:

  1. creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated

primarily or solely for their imagination, aesthetic, or intellectual content.

  1. an activity requiring great skill or accomplishment.

I see a lot of people in Facebook groups arguing about what fine art is. For those of you who push through traditional photography styles and prefer to move into a more creative realm, in my opinion, that is more of a fine-art perspective.

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