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Westcott Flex LED Mats

I love Flex lights. They are easy to use, very powerful, cost-effective, they throw great light and they’re extremely portable.

My favorite feature is their color temperature range. You have control from 2,800 to 6,000 Kelvin. This is perfect for me because I work in a multitude of environments, and Flex lights make it easy to match ambient light in a room.

Over the years I’ve been using these, power has never been an issue. The output has always been more than enough to light almost every situation I encounter.

They are not just for video. Read my article on commercial shoots in this issue, where I talk about how we used two of the 1×1 Flex Panels to light some food photography.

Some specs:

  • The original patented Flexible LED features the highest color rendering index of any flexible LED. They’re rated at 95 for daylight models and 98 for bicolor models.
  • Competitors try to imitate the Flex, but at a third of the power output that the Flex offers.
  • The Flex is designed for photographers and filmmakers who travel. There is nothing as portable and lightweight.
  • The Flex earns an IP 64 rating for water and dust resistance.
  • Flex Panels now come with a lifetime warranty.

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