SCP | New Building Progress Report

Progress Report

Wow. What a project! To think its only been about a month. The progress they have made is incredible. We are restoring the building to as near original as we can. All new HVAC, electrical, windows (custom to match original), and then best of all… we are using the original hardwood floors. We will be sanding and refinishing them, but its all the original wood. The biggest and most noticeable improvement was the opening of the bricked up windows on the 3rd floor! What a difference this makes.

Thanks for following the progress.



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  1. Kerry Kimmel

    Love it! Love what you do and Behind the Shutter is awesome! Would love to see you in Tennessee sometime….

  2. Cheryl -> CIS Images

    SO EXCITING!!!! Can’t wait to see it all tricked out… XO

  3. Steffen

    Looks great!! Loving the original wood floors, very cool! Can’t wait to see more progress.

  4. Rose

    LOVE this building!!! You guys are doing awesome and I can’t wait for the next update!!

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