Signature White Session


Signature White Session with Zsa’nee Gaines

Simplicity is key 

With my signature white session, it’s all about my client. It has nothing to do with the background, the clothing or the jewelry. It’s about HER. How can I show her natural beauty without bringing confusion, chaos or any distractions? My goal is for her to outshine everything. When you look at her you see beauty, you see strength, you see joy, you see flawlessness. I want you to feel her emotions and who she is.

Who is the ideal client for this session?

My ideal client is the lady who doesn’t think she is beautiful enough or worthy enough to be in front of a camera. The mom that feels overweight or worn down. The sister, the girlfriend, the aunt who just wants to be accepted and approved by society. This is why it is so important to eliminate all distractions, all backgrounds, all chaotic colors. She needs to know that she is the most amazing piece of art that has ever been created. When I have her in front of my camera, my goal is to prove to her how amazing she is. To show her how she shines and naturally radiates. She doesn’t have to hide behind anything. She doesn’t have to wear the fanciest outfit with the biggest headpiece or even expensive heels. If I can take all that distraction away and let it just be about her and prove to her that she is all of that and a whole lot more, then I have accomplished my goal, my desire and my purpose. 

This session is so versatile that it can be photographed with anyone in mind. With most of my clients being female, can this be done with a male? Yes, it can. I photograph quite a few gentlemen with the signature white session. I use the same setup with the same thought process in mind. Yes, I am still a bottle of fun even with them. The only thing that’s changed is they are not my girlfriends and we are not playing dress-up. We are accentuating his masculinity. 

As a photographer, you have to be ready to photograph anyone and everyone. The goal should not be who they are, but how can I bring out their personality as well as their look.


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