Step by Step In-Person Sales for Photographers

In-Person Sales

Step by Step In-Person Sales for Photographers with Jenn Lewis

“I want to start in-person sales, but HOW?!”

I’m often asked about my process for my ordering sessions. First of all, let’s talk about the term “ordering session.” I call it that because I don’t want my clients to be confused about the purpose of the meeting. I’ve heard terms like “reveal session” or “viewing” (I mean, a viewing is what we go to before a funeral, right?), but as with everything else in my life, I like to be direct. 🙂

Start with a solid foundation

So we’ll have to back up a bit to make sure we’ve set a good foundation for the ordering session to go smoothly. No matter how my clients find me, they will see that I’m a print and product based photographer.

If they find me through my other clients, those clients will have albums and wall art to show off to their friends. My website has a “How It Works” section and photos that I created in Fundy of products and stock room views showing art on the walls. On social media, I use my Instagram and Facebook stories to show unboxings of albums and wall art, clients picking up their new products, or wall art on my clients’ walls. Being clear about being a print and product based photographer makes those phone calls expecting cheap digital images essentially nonexistent.

Communication is key

When clients contact me, I want to make sure I’m establishing a very clear line of communication, as that is really the key to a smooth process. I have them come in to the studio for a complimentary consultation so we can chat about their vision for their session, they can get hands-on with samples of products I offer, and I can answer any questions they have.

After we’ve gotten to know each other a bit (remember to listen more than you talk!), I throw out a few ideas for their session to make sure I understand what interests them. We then chat a bit about how it works, from shoot to ordering session to product pickup. I show them samples of the products including albums, wall art, prints and keepsake boxes. I ask them if they know what they plan to do with their images. I explain the creative fees and show them the full product menu, then we proceed with scheduling their session!

In-Person Sales
In-Person Sales

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