Who needs a wedding photographer? Do it yourself.


We have all met with clients who feel that anything more than $1000 for a photographer is well, just too damn expensive. “I could buy my own camera!” I have heard.

Yes, yes you could. You could buy your own camera for sure. So, if you are a wedding photographer, you might want to read this article by Frank McKenna. I think he says it best and really makes a great case for why you don’t need to hire a professional wedding photographer. But be careful, don’t let your brides get access to this story.

First Frank highlights that wedding photographers are going to charge thousands of dollars.

So, the best way to get started and do this without a professional photographer?

1) Rent the same cameras and lenses the pros use. Cost ~$1170

2) Rent tripod, stands, etc. Cost ~$250

3) Recruit two friends to snap the photos. Cost ~$320

4) Get some books and video tutorials. Cost ~$200

5) Shoot away. Tell the photographers to go nuts. Cost ~$FREE

6) Photoshop those images. Cost ~$200

7) Share those pics. Cost ~$60

8) Get your prints. Cost ~$200

Conclusion, you just saved yourself a boatload of money!

I think Frank says it best in his conclusion. “You can thank me later for saving you a ton of money. If you followed my instructions, you just managed to shoot your wedding for a mere fraction of what it would have cost you with a professional. With my program, which gets you using the same incredible equipment and tools the pro’s use, you can save yourself an incredible $100. That’s a whopping 4% savings for you, Mr. DIY guy/gal.”

Read the story in its entirety. Do it yourself wedding photography.





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  1. Paul Pruitt Wedding Photographer

    Hahaha. This is too funny.

    Nothing replaces the artistic eye, vision and style of a true professional photographer. You can’t put a price on that 🙂

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