Alien Skin Exposure 7 In action

Alien Skin Exposure 7 is one of those tools that can add that little extra oomph to your images. Sure, as artists, we strive to nail it in camera, but what’s in camera doesn’t always match the final vision we had when we created the image. That’s where tools like Alien Skin Exposure 7 come into play.

This is not a full review of the product, there are plenty of reviews online. Instead, this is a break down of how we used the tool, which pre-sets, etc that were used to create this image below.

My philosophy when it comes to plug-ins, etc? Experiment. Create your own recipes. One click edits are rarely worth using because everyone using it will have the same look to their images. Instead, I like to find a good base to use and then tweak it from there.

This final image won an award at this year’s WPPI in Vegas. The reason I mention that is because an image is rarely just about the capture. We have to continue to think and act like artists. Meaning, the art is in the concept, posing, lighting, editing, and finally, the lost art of printing. This was printed on fine art rag paper where, as you can imagine, the image really came together. The next time you are out there, think about the entire process and about the finally delivery to your clients.

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Final Image


As shotCF007979


Click to learn more about alien skin exposure 7

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