Low key lighting

Low key lighting   Great lighting is as much about adding light as it is about subtracting it. Low-key lighting is essentially lighting that creates a dramatic difference between the highlights and shadows in an image, also known as chiaroscuro. Typically two- to three-point lighting is used, consisting of a…

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Sales tax for photographers

Sales tax for photographers   “Sales tax for photographers.” Your first instinct might be to run for the hills, but sales tax is definitely something you need to understand as a business owner. During the past few years I have seen countless photographers ask about sales tax in online forums…

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Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette Some of you may see this title and think “Really? I know I handle email fine”, but you would be surprised at some of the emails I receive from other companies. Just as there is phone etiquette, there is also email etiquette, below are some tips to make…

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